Religious Freedom and the Constitution

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The American Myth of Religious Freedom, by Kenneth R. Craycraft, Jr. This book provides a good example of the distortion of reality, not to mention mind-torturing confusion, that occurs when political documents—in this instance, the religious clauses of the First Amendment and the writings of Locke, Jefferson, and Madison—are viewed through sectarian glasses and without [...]

Freedom Requires Restraint: Where Movement Conservatism Went Wrong—And How to Fix It

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Russell Kirk In the wake of the 2008 elections the Republican Party looked to be on its last legs. Not only had Barack Obama triumphed in the presidential race, picking up the electoral votes of such previously “red” states as Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida, but the Democrats had widened the majorities they [...]

How Congress Can Revive the Constitution

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The Framers were acutely sensitive to the fears of many that a new federal government would erode the independence and authority of the states and the people. To protect against that possibility, they stipulated that the federal government would have only a short list of powers that were explicitly enumerated in the Constitution. “The powers [...]

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