The Good, the True, & the Postmodern

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With the exception of a few figures like Professor Peter Augustine Lawler, who is a self-identified “postmodern conservative,” conservatives are generally suspicious of the word “postmodern.” I think this aversion is uncalled for, and that the interests of a broadly-understood postmodernity align with many of conservatism’s central tenets. Critics such as William Lane Craig have [...]

Conservative Postmodernism, Postmodern Conservatism

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Astute thinkers from Hegel onward have claimed that we live at the end of the modern world. That does not mean the modern world is about to disappear: the world, in truth, is more modern than ever. So we must contest Hegel’s assertion that the modern world is the end, the fulfillment, of history. The [...]

Watch More TV: The Case of GIRLS

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That Lena Dunham commercial might have made a real contribution to enhancing the president’s turnout, for all I know. Certainly it was consistent with the Democratic convention’s insistent appeal to women’s rights, especially the rights of single women. But there’s at least one irony: Dunham is a genuine defender of women’s right to choose, but [...]

David Brooks on the Future of Conservatism

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Peter Lawler on conservatism So David Brooks’s article is interesting more for its listing of various young conservatives than its actual content. I just don’t have time to comment much right now, but I thought I’d get it out there for your consideration. My talking points for now are pretty random: Pete Spiliakos [...]

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