About Alan Gibson

Alan Gibson, Professor of Political Science at California State University, Chico, is the author of Understanding the Founding: The Crucial Questions and numerous essays on the political thought of James Madison.

Was James Madison an Opponent of Democracy?

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What made James Madison unique among his generation and has subsequently made his legacy invaluable was his commitment to the “sacred fire of liberty” and his steadfast refusal to abandon either his republican commitment to popular participation or his liberal commitments to justice and the protection of individual rights. Scholarship on the political thought and [...]

Lance Banning’s James Madison: An Appreciation and Critique

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Scholarship on the political thought and career of James Madison is still dominated by a prevailing “Hamiltonian” interpretation.[1] Set forth by such prominent scholars as Irving Brant, Martin Diamond, and George Carey, the “Hamiltonian” interpretation views the years surrounding the formation of the Constitution as the most productive years of Madison’s career and argues that [...]

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