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Dr. Linda C. Raeder is an Associate Professor of Political Science at Palm Beach Atlantic University and Associate Editor of Humanitas, published by the National Humanities Institute. Dr. Raeder is the author of the book John Stuart Mill and the Religion of Humanity.

Edmund Burke: Old Whig

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Edmund Burke, like his Whig forebears, believed in the existence of a higher moral law to which all valid positive law must conform, a universal law which manifests itself in diverse concrete forms, in the great variety of legal codes and customs that constitute particular cultural traditions… Today’s offering in our Timeless Essay series [...]

Edmund Burke: Old Whig

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Edmund Burke, the passionate defender of the “ancient principles” of his forebears, might be surprised to discover that he originated a new school of political thought.[1] By all accounts, however, Burke is the “modern founder of political conservatism,” and generations of conservative thinkers have found his life and work a rich source of philosophical and [...]