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Ludwell H. Johnson III

Ludwell H. Johnson III
Professor Ludwell Johnson (1927-2017) earned his B.A. and Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University and taught American History at the College of William and Mary for thirty-five years. Professor Johnson authored many essays and book reviews and is the author of North against South: The American Iliad, 1848-1877 and Red River Campaign: Politics and Cotton in the Civil War.

For many, Abraham Lincoln became a symbolic Christ, for some, perhaps, more than symbolic. They could scarcely help themselves, the parallels were so striking. He was the savior of the Union, God’s chosen instrument for bringing the millennium to suffering humanity, born in a log cabin (close...
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Having grown up in the capital of the Confederacy in a family riddled with unreconstructed rebels, I was always sensitive to these imputations of inferiority directed at the South and Southerners: my section and my people....