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Mark A. Kalthoff, Ph.D. is the Henry Salvatori Chair in History and Traditional Values Professor & Chairman, Department of History, Hillsdale College.

The Bohemian Tory & the Oxbridge Knights

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Russell Kirk knew that in the empire of science, if it be genuine science, one must pursue wisdom and leave space in the world for mystery and faith… Mystery isn’t something that is gradually evaporating. It grows along with knowledge. —Flannery O’Conner to Alfred Corn, 12 August 1962 Today’s offering in our Timeless Essay series [...]

Taming the Rebel Child: Science & God in the Thought of C. A. Coulson

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Since the nineteenth century, a widespread misunderstanding regarding the relationship between science and Christianity has persisted. The error is a common conviction that military metaphors provide the most accurate means for describing the engagement between the Christian faith and modern science. Historians of science employ the term conflict thesis, which in its strongest version “provides [...]

The Bohemian Tory and the Oxbridge Knights

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 Mystery isn’t something that is gradually evaporating. It grows along with knowledge.– Flannery O’Conner to Alfred Corn, 12 August 1962 When thoughtful conservatives commemorated the fiftieth anniversary of Russell Kirk’s book The Conservative Mind that appeared in May of 1953, I suspect that rather few disciples of the “sage of Mecosta” recalled with equal acclaim two [...]

The Real Business of Liberal Learning

By |2014-08-19T14:01:13-05:00April 26th, 2012|Categories: Liberal Learning|

Just what is the business of a liberal arts college?  Is it to make well-rounded young adults, to equip the next generation with job skills demanded by a work-a-day world, or perhaps to train up Constitution-toting citizens in the ways of republican civic-mindedness?  Or is it something even more ambitious–making saints or saving the world?   [...]

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