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About Mark Royden Winchell

Mark Royden Winchell (1948-2008) was Professor of English at Clemson University and a prolific writer on Southern culture, the arts, and history. His works include Reinventing the South: Versions of a Literary Region and Too Good to Be True: The Life and Work of Leslie Fiedler.

Understanding William Faulkner

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In the forties and fifties, the most influential literary quarterlies in America featured “new criticism,” a brand of formalism that never succumbed to the absolute relativism of the deconstructionists. One of their foremost practitioners was Cleanth Brooks, who devoted himself to interpreting and popularizing the work of one of America’s greatest but most difficult novelists, [...]

William Faulkner and the American Dream

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For William Faulkner, the American Dream lay in the promise of true community, where manners and customs regulate behavior. In a mere society, man’s actions are constrained only by brute force (either public or private) or by the fear of force… On the Prejudices, Predilections, and Firm Beliefs of William Faulkner by Cleanth Brooks (Louisiana State [...]

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