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Paul Grimley Kuntz (1915-2000) was Professor of Philosophy at Emory University. Dr. Kuntz is the author of The Ten Commandments in History: Mosaic Paradigms for a Well-Ordered Society.

Thomas Jefferson on Rights and Duties

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The Jeffersonian philosophy of rights and duties is not to be blamed for the explosion and inflation of rights. It is by doing our duties that we protect our rights, and rights come at cost of these duties. Today’s offering in our Timeless Essay series affords readers the opportunity to join Paul Kuntz as he [...]

Jefferson as a Man of Moderation

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The Long Affair: Thomas Jefferson and the French Revolution, 1785-1800, by Conor Cruise O’Brien The Long Affair both succeeds and fails. By attacking the American iconic hero of liberty, Conor Cruise O’Brien succeeds in producing a stir, particularly among Jefferson scholars. The Irish scholar-politician selected passages for inclusion in The Atlantic Monthly (October 1996), entitled [...]

Thomas Jefferson on Rights and Duties

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It is a conservative commonplace to write scornfully of the expansion of rights, especially when an explosive number of them leads to a rights inflation. In “Of Rights and Choices”[1] a professor of constitutional law has done a good job of deflation. “If rights are a good thing, constitutional rights must be even better, [and [...]

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