About Phillip Henderson

Phillip G. Henderson is Associate Professor in the Department of Politics at the Catholic University of America. He is the author of Managing the Presidency: The Eisenhower Legacy, and has edited the volume The Presidency Then and Now.

Marshall vs. Jefferson: Then and Now

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In sharp contrast to John Marshall’s elitist orientation—with its em­phasis on the primacy of the national government, and restraint of the excesses of democracy—Thomas Jefferson’s philosophy was at once populistic and highly individualistic. Throughout the first decade of the American republic, competing claims regarding the proper interpretation of the Constitution and the application of its [...]

The American Presidency: The Living Embodiment of the Nation

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The American Presidency: An Intellectual History by Forrest McDonald (528 pages, University Press of Kansas, 1994) Forrest McDonald’s The American Presidency: An Intellectual History is a most impressive work. Few contemporary books in American politics reflect the careful and prodigious research, as well as the considerable breadth of knowledge and historical insight brought to bear by [...]

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