Whit Stillman’s Comic Art: The Comedy of Manners

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Whit Stillman Whit Stillman has claimed that he does not want to make serious dramas, only comedies. This does not mean, however, that his work has no serious intention. Critics have classified his three films, Metropolitan (1990), Barcelona (1994), and The Last Days of Disco (1998), as comedies of manners, and are reminded [...]

Damsels in Distress

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Writer/Director Whit Stillman's newest film, Damsels in Distress, is soon to arrive in theaters. If you are a fan of Whit Stillman's movies (and you should be) it is very exciting to see Stillman's new film debut after a thirteen year hiatus. Stillman's earlier films Metropolitan, The Last Days of Disco and Barcelona constitute a marvelous trilogy well addressed in the [...]

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