T.E. Hulme on the Religious Attitude

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“Man is in no sense perfect, but a wretched creature who can yet apprehend perfection.”—T.E. Hulme The mediocrity and driftless purposelessness of liberalism had permeated and shattered true humanist culture at the turn of the nineteenth-to-the-twentieth century, the great historian and man of letters Christopher Dawson feared. Too many unthinking liberals had tried to [...]

T.E. Hulme Reconsidered and Re-appreciated

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T.E. Hulme reminded his audience that conservatism and humanism need not compromise on certain ideals. As Bearers of the Word, we too can recapture the spirit of Hulme as embodied in tradition, virtue, and heroic sacrifice. A few years ago, I had the privilege of writing an essay for The Imaginative Conservative about the almost nearly forgotten [...]

T.E. Hulme: The First Conservative of the Twentieth Century

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History should never have forgotten T.E. Hulme, and we would do well to remember him and what he wrote. Indeed, the German shell that took his life in the early autumn of 1917 might have changed a considerable part of the twentieth century by removing Hulme from it. Our whole “Time of Troubles” as [...]

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