Books Don’t Make Us Human

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Can books make us human or are we born human? I would like to re-word the thesis of this symposium, and present my list of books that are known to make people humane, and thus be a catalyst to make the reader an enlightened, knowledgeable, and truth-seeking missile of a human being. People are homo sapiens, even [...]

Live the Fourth!

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At the double-digit Catholic high schools across Cincinnati, most of them participate in KAIROS, a spiritual retreat. Myself included, hundreds of students attend and have attended the retreats every year as juniors and/ or seniors. The motto of this retreat is “Live the Fourth,” which essentially means, live every day like it is the fourth day [...]

Where, O death, is your victory? Where, O death, is your sting?

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Last Tuesday evening, I saw ‘Of Gods and Men’ at the only theater in Cincinnati showing the excellent French film, based on a 1995 true story. There were only three other people in the theater with me, and none of them cried like I did during the latter half of the movie. The monks’ triumphs [...]

Manners in a Mob Mentality

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Julie Baldwin The Wall Street Journal reported that “A frenzied mob incensed by a Qu’ran-burning ceremony in Florida overran the United Nations office in northern Afghanistan’s largest city on Friday, killing at least seven foreigners and several Afghans, U.N. and Afghan officials said. The attack was the most deadly for the U.N. in Afghanistan. [...]

Protect Our Progress? Constitutional Government?

By |2017-06-22T16:19:05-05:00January 25th, 2011|Categories: American Republic, Julie Baldwin, Roots of American Order|

Liberals have a new slogan (new to me, at least). They say, “Protect Our Progress!” According to the Organizing for America website, they recently held a phone bank in North Carolina. The informational page read: We’ve made significant progress together in the last two years. There are those who want to stop our country moving [...]

We’re on a Mission from God: Catholic Nuns and their Calling

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It was a cold night. My good friend Karen and I were driving back to campus after a quick trip to Ann Arbor for a special viewing of “The Human Experience,” the first full-length film of Grassroots Films, the Brooklyn-based company which also produced the phenomenal “God in the Streets of New York City” and “Fishers [...]

Wikileaks: Taking Romance out of Schmoozing Sources, and Other Bad Habits

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(more from our WikiLeaks Symposium) Gentle Readers, today Miss Manners would like to remind everyone that it is bad manners to tell state secrets, especially those found out because of a vindictive American soldier. Julian Assange is not, despite his defense, doing anyone a favor. In fact, in this time of war, he is doing [...]

Extraordinary Contentment in the Ordinary Life

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As Advent approaches, and the leaves change colors, and the country grows increasingly befuddled, I find myself appreciating the idiosyncrasies associated with working for a small business. Specifically, my own family’s business, run by my tax attorney father and manned by a dozen or so employees. Two months ago, I left my job as a [...]

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