On Saint Benedict

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St. Benedict of Norcia, with his life and his work, had a fundamental influence on the development of European civilization and culture. The most important source on Benedict’s life is the second book of St. Gregory the Great’s “Dialogues,” in which he gives us a model for human life in the climb towards the summit [...]

“Reason, Faith, & the Struggle for Western Civilization”: Illuminating the Past & Present

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It is a bright note of hope, set against the present daunting darkness, that shines throughout Samuel Gregg’s “Reason, Faith, and the Struggle for Western Civilization,” both illuminating the past and shedding much-needed light on the present situation. Reason, Faith, and the Struggle for Western Civilization, by Samuel Gregg (256 pages, Gateway Editions, 2019) “The [...]

The End of Modernity

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Modernity, by God’s grace, may be the site of a new synthesis, the transcending of stale categories of thought and practice, in which a new Christendom can emerge, one in which the reign of God in His glory and love emerges side-by-side with the full dignity and flourishing of man… The Immanent Frame and Great [...]

Perennial Light

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Our civilization needs zealous and dedicated young men and women to convert the barbarians. However, because the barbaric culture is pervasive, we are all barbarians now to a certain extent, and thus, we must first civilize our own souls… Nowadays the devil has made such a mess of everything in the system of life on [...]

Hans Urs von Balthasar: A Primer

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Hans Urs von Balthasar wanted to see the Church as missionary, and to reassert the beauty of the mystery at the heart of the Christian message. He sought to reinvigorate religious life and the role of the laity by reintegrating beauty and mysticism in theology. Born on 12 August 1905 in Lucerne, Switzerland, to an [...]

Pope Francis and the Caring Society

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I’ve not been fully sure what to “make” of Pope Francis. He is clearly a man of God with a deep love for the poor and an even deeper personal humility. But how is one to respond to his pronouncements on economic and environmental issues?… Pope Francis and the Caring Society, ed. Robert M. Whaples (Independent [...]

The Return of Christian Humanism

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Even when addressing non-Christians, Christian humanism’s willing receptiveness of the supernatural opens itself to the truths of revelation and of the human religious experience, allowing it to speak intimately and truthfully to the whole person… The Return of Christian Humanism: Chesterton, Eliot, Tolkien, and the Romance of History by Lee Oser (University of Missouri Press, [...]

The Enlightenment & the Benedict Option

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Those whose intellectual heritage lies in the Enlightenment find in the contemporary world the furthest reach of an inexorable progress against forces of primitive and reactionary religious belief. What is “religious liberty” to them but a sanction for oppression?… Rod Dreher’s new book, The Benedict Option: A Strategy for Christians in a Post-Christian Nation, is [...]

We Are Not Our Own: Childhood in a Technological Age

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The human being is not only to begin as a child, as it were, but also to end as one… Today’s offering in our Timeless Essay series affords readers the opportunity to join David Schindler as he reflects on the centrality of children in a culture of life. —W. Winston Elliott III, Publisher Liberal culture’s anti-child practices [...]

The “Disease” of Modernity: Both Cause and Cure

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Liquidation does not mean punishment, subjugation, conquest, or even execution. Liquidation means extermination merely on the basis of otherness…. ‘Whoever is different will be liquidated,’ works like a poison, a constant temptation to human thought, destroying or at least menacing it. —Josef Pieper, The Four Cardinal Virtues One of the most distinctive and, I would [...]

Is There a Proper Role for “Contemporary” Music at Church?

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In our year-long course on music at Wyoming Catholic College, students read and discuss a chapter from Joseph Ratzinger’s book A New Song for the Lord, “The Image of the World and of Human Beings in the Liturgy and Its Expression in Church Music,”[1] one of the best things ever written about church music. Ratzinger masterfully [...]

Ecology in Light of Integral Human Development

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Integral human development sets the context within which alone an adequate approach to ecology can be conceived. In what follows, I will focus on the key principles of this proposal in terms of the habits of presence demanded by the generosity inherent in creation. The term ecology, as is well-known, comes from the Greek oikos, [...]

What Does the Rise of Europe’s New Right Mean for Christians?

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These are troubling times. Europe is apparently on the verge of meltdown. Unable to withstand the heat caused by the growing friction between the European Union and its member states, especially as the former tries to force an open-door immigration policy on its subject nations, there are fears that the melting pot might be melting. [...]

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