Solzhenitsyn & The Return of the False Dimitris

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As a Catholic and a Pole, it is not easy to translate and publish these letters from Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn about the Ukraine crisis. Solzhenitsyn writes about a common experience of suffering by Belorussians, Ukrainians and Russians not only at the hands of Communism, but at the hands of Catholicism and Poles. Yet anyone who has [...]

Whose Side Is God on Now?

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In his Kremlin defense of Russia’s annexation of Crimea, Vladimir Putin, even before he began listing the battles where Russian blood had been shed on Crimean soil, spoke of an older deeper bond. Crimea, said Putin, “is the location of ancient Khersones, where Prince Vladimir was baptized. His spiritual feat of adopting Orthodoxy predetermined [...]

Solzhenitsyn: Russia Will Never Abandon Its People in Ukraine

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Numerous rather unintelligent Western media often pretend that those who wish to unite Russia, Bielorus and Ukraine or at least strengthen relations between them are all necessarily ideologues in the mould of Alexander Dugin or resurgant Soviet communists. This is not the place for an elaborate meditation on Dugin. Rather, I should like to [...]

Poland’s George Washington: Roman Dmowski

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President George Washington was the one indispensable individual in the story of the American founding. Even more than his military leadership during the revolution, his presidency ensured that America would exist. Americans honored Washington’s example as president to such an extent that no American statesman until Franklin D. Roosevelt dared attempt to extend his own presidency beyond two [...]

MH17, Burke & the Maidan Revolution

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Because I do not wish to be misunderstood in my opinions on the tragedy of MH17, I preface them with a quote from the father of Conservatism: Edmund Burke. Wrote Edmund Burke to Americans in 1777: “If I have the misfortune of differing with some of my fellow citizens on this great and arduous [...]

On Albert Jay Nock and the Russian Roots of a Gentleman Anarchist

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Episcopal priest, professional baseball player, college instructor, lecturer, and prolific writer, Albert Jay Nock (1872-1945) had a varied life and a profound effect on the nascent American conservative movement in the decades preceding World War II. Largely known by libertarians as the first editor of The Freeman and the author of Our Enemy, the [...]

The Voice of a Prophet: Solzhenitsyn on the Ukraine Crisis

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Alexander Solzhenitsyn was many things. A fearless champion of freedom in an age of totalitarianism. A fearless critic of Communism. A fearless critic of the modern hedonistic West. A great historian. A great novelist. A Nobel Prize winner. A prophet. Regarding the last of these, Solzhenitsyn prophesied, at the height of the Soviet Union’s [...]

Saving Christian Civilization Through Eros

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What I behold today is a Western world of “tolerance” and homosexual-inspired androgyny, so morally bankrupt and decadent that even the natural, primitive sexual appetites that make women attractive for men have been erased. It has come to this: Conservatives must now begin the restoration of civilization by promoting erotic love in order to [...]

Darling of the Dark Enlightenment: The Aristocratic & Radical Traditionalist Julius Evola

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Julias Evola’s Passport Photo, 1940 Defining “Right-wing” is not an easy task. While Russell Kirk’s definition of conservatism is the rejection of ideology (which is materialist and, as Bradley J. Birzer puts it in “Russell Kirk on the Errors of Ideology,” falsely “promises mankind an earthly paradise”), the basic and general catch-all [...]

Ukraine and the Neoconservatives Who Wrecked Reagan’s Peace

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Poland’s statesmen, bombastically adoring of Ronald Reagan, seemed to have forgotten that Reagan did not hate Ivan and Anya, he merely feared the Soviet system was unjust to them and a threat to the world. This is a key difference. It is a difference all the more important now that the Soviet Union is [...]

The New Silk Road: How the West Was Lost

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In late 2013, the Future Powers met quietly in Astana. Their decision tells us much about 21st Century geopolitics, the balance of power, and the role of decadence in the decline of nations and empires. The Chinese, Central Asians, Russians and Iranians are rebuilding the fabled Silk Road without the silk. In the short-run [...]

Beauty and the Enlivening of the Russian Literary Imagination

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Fyodor Dostoevsky Readers of The Imaginative Conservative know well the phrase “beauty will save the world.” Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn borrowed it from Fyodor Dostoevsky to set the theme of his Nobel Lecture in 1970. British conservative writer Roger Scruton has written extensively about how aesthetics—and beauty in particular—enlarges our vision of humanity, helps [...]

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