Landscape with Dragons

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A waist-high stack of liquor boxes runs the length of my dining room wall. It’s quite a varied collection, as if we were hosting a party devoted to unlikely cocktail combinations. While I certainly wish we had an endless suppy of Grey Goose, Jagermeister, and Arrogant Bastard Ale, I’m afraid the labels are deceiving. For [...]

On Community

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Laurel Good with her son Sam My son Sam was fourteen months old when he first felt the sensation of grass beneath his feet. I lay him on his back on a blanket under a tree so he could watch the wind in the leaves, and he kept his heels in the air [...]

Books That Make Us Human

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Willa Cather 1) My Antonia, by Willa Cather: Cather’s story of immigrants and the land celebrates the surprising inner strength of one young woman who learns to cultivate the earth, while many who lack her fortitude succumb to the trials of frontier life or give in to their own weak wills. 2) Soldier of the [...]

Treat Yourself to Some Beautiful Writing: Laurel Good Breeding Lilacs

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Imaginative Conservative Readers, if you need to read something just stunning—in terms of form and thought—treat yourself to Laurel Good's most recent post at her website, Breeding Lilacs. You fill the hollow of my arm, child, bundled snug against the drafty night. Fingers no longer tiny, but still small, quiver delicately at your cheek. Your little [...]

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