Cry, the Beloved Country

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Some of us think when we have power, we shall revenge ourselves on the white man who has had power, and because our desire is corrupt, we are corrupted, and the power has no heart in it. But most white men do not know this truth about power, and they are afraid lest we get [...]

“A Long and Noisy Prayer”: Bruce Springsteen Tells His Life Story

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Though his fans will undoubtedly enjoy this engrossing autobiography, it deserves a broader audience because of the beauty of Mr. Springsteen's writing, his penetrating observations about human nature, and his well-crafted history of an interesting and important life... "We remain in the air, the empty space, in the dusty, roots and deep earth, in the [...]

“Russell Kirk: American Conservative” — A Definitive Biography

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The Imaginative Conservative’s co-founder and editor-at-large, Bradley J. Birzer, has received another award for his outstanding, new biography of seminal conservative thinker, Russell Kirk. Following on the heels of The Imaginative Conservative’s own 2015 Book of the Year Award, the Intercollegiate Studies Institute (ISI) has announced that Dr. Birzer has won the 2016 Henry and Anne [...]

Two Weeks In: Books That Make Us Human

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I hope that every one of the participants of the second The Imaginative Conservative symposium, “The Books that Make Us Human,” knows how much we appreciate their thoughts and their time. Considering the large number of hits and page views over the past two weeks, the readers have enjoyed the symposium immensely. A few weeks ago, [...]

Books That Make Us Human: Daniel McCarthy

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My canon of the very best books that help us understand our humanity would contain no surprises. But Brad Birzer has said he wants to add to his reading list, so allow me to suggest some works that are instructive for reasons quite different from those of the recognized classics. I Am Legend by Richard [...]

Books That Make Us Human: Anthony Williams

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by Anthony Williams St. Augustine’s Confessions: teaches us that man’s struggle to find God is hardly new. I especially enjoyed his reference to the “hound of God”: what an apt description of the Spirit! Antigone: I don’t remember much about this one, to be frank, but I do remember that it’s a powerful story of [...]

Books That Make Us Human

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Willa Cather 1) My Antonia, by Willa Cather: Cather’s story of immigrants and the land celebrates the surprising inner strength of one young woman who learns to cultivate the earth, while many who lack her fortitude succumb to the trials of frontier life or give in to their own weak wills. 2) Soldier of the [...]

Books That Make Us Human

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This is a quirky list. I sit here with tattered old books, some new ones and my Kindle, and love them all; and offer ten that I have read in the six years since my retirement from full time teaching. Each has given me joy, and speaks to what Brad Birzer calls the “human condition.” [...]

Book That Make Us Human: Kelly Williams and Casey Holmes

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The Lists 1. Bible 2. The Hiding Place, Corrie Ten Boom 3. Toss up between Mere Christianity, Abolition of Man, Great Divorce, and Last Battle, C.S. Lewis 4. “The Right Hand,” Solzynistyn (short story) 5. “The Death of Ivan Ilych,” Tolstoy (short story) 6. Tolkein’s Lord of the Rings 7. Confessions, St. Augustine 8. Gulag [...]

Books That Make Us Human: Father John Rickert

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by Father John Rickert 1. Juan Donoso Cortés: Essay on Catholicism, Liberalism, and Socialism. Donoso argues that political questions are at root theological questions, and Liberalism is fundamentally the denial of the doctrine of Original Sin as understood in the Catholic sense. Bl. Pius IX warmly approved this book, as did Garrigou-Lagrange and Orestes Brownson. 2. Juan [...]

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