Was Shakespeare a Fraud?

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My book Alias Shakespeare has come under attack from Stratfordian scholars and critics, as one might expect. Most recently it has been the target of a long, captious review by Alan H. Nelson of Berkeley in The Shakespeare Quarterly (Fall 1999), that bastion of Shakespearean orthodoxy (published, of course, by the Folger Shakespeare Library). But [...]

Sonnet No. 7: Rhamnousia

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Whoever dares his own self to exult, And has his face ground hard upon the dirt, Is none the more hubristic than the cult Of prideful persons who inflict the hurt; Herodotus explained: “The gods permit No man to hold himself in higher stead, Than they do hold themselves,” and so, to wit, The braggarts [...]

Sonnet No. 6: Nisi Credideritis

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They laboured hard to kill the very thing They swore at length did surely not exist; Their modern electronic imaging Came nowhere close to showing what they missed; Within their shining labs they laboured long, Expending effort far beyond belief While learning not where they went sadly wrong, And this, too, plunged them into mortal [...]

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