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19-web_whiskey_cigarA number of my fellow travelers have recommended books for Christmas gifts. Here are some ideas for gifts that will enhance the reading experience.

Cigars. In the movie Crimson Tide, Gene Hackman’s character, the captain of a nuclear submarine, tells his executive officer (Denzel Washington) not to grow too fond of cigars because “they’re more expensive than drugs.” They can be, certainly, but they needn’t be. I am forever indebted to Greg Wolfe for introducing me to the Consuegra line from J.R. Cigars. These are some of the least-expensive, quality handmade cigars you’ll find anywhere. I’ve smoked several of the varieties and haven’t been disappointed.

Irish Whiskey. While I appreciate good Scotch or brandy, they never grew on me. As much as I enjoyed sipping the glass of Maker’s Mark that Brad Birzer poured when I last visited his delightful home, my tastes have been drifting away from bourbon, too. My overarching preference is for a strong but smooth Irish whiskey. Midleton and Red Breast are the top choices. The former is rather expensive, while the latter is not quite as smooth. Either will warm your soul while you read, smoke, converse, or simply ponder the permanent things while relaxing next to the fireplace. Jameson will do if the aforementioned are unavailable. Bushmills is not fit for drinking; it belongs in the emergency kit for cleansing wounds and disinfecting surgical equipment in the event of societal collapse (I’ll let readers decide if correlation is causation when it comes to the fact that the best whiskey is from the Catholic part of Ireland).

Coffee. We here in the coastal Northwest might be on the leading edge of the “progressive” abyss, but we know how to make a damn fine cup of coffee.

I have traveled from one coast to the other, from the Rio Grande to the 49th Parallel, and nowhere is the coffee better than here. A hot cup of black coffee and the Roman breviary are how I encounter the divine each morning. I buy from two local roasters, not because of ideology or a fad, but because locals happen to make the best joe at a reasonable price (and while I work just a couple blocks from the Starbucks headquarters, their swill doesn’t count). My preferred brands are Camano Island Coffee and Fidalgo Bay Coffee. From the former I recommend the Papua New Guinea medium roast. The latter is owned and operated by a fellow Hillsdale graduate who recently gave me a tour of his operation…and a couple pounds of free coffee to boot! Both roasters ply their wares online.

To truly enjoy the whole-bean coffee you give, the beneficiary of your generosity will also need a conical burr grinder, because the grind makes all the difference in the world. Since how you brew is just as important as what you brew, I also suggest the inexpensive Melita drip system, available in most variety and grocery stores.

Quite a while back, Stephen Masty reminded us of the Jewish saying that we will be judged for every legitimate pleasure we did not enjoy. So as you ponder the Incarnation and seek to share the joy of the greatest event in human history, give good gifts and bid your loved ones to enjoy them.

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  1. Damn fine essay!
    Couldn't agree more re: the cigars. Sadly, as a tobacco addict I'm determined not to take up the weed until my later years, should there be any. And, of course, should the state permit it.
    I'm a bourbon fellow myself though I'll have a pull of Jameson's from time to time. The dog gets the Scotch.
    I'm a man of the masses when it comes to coffee with Dunkin' Doughnuts Original the top of the line. I do believe it's a mortal sin to pay exorbitant fees for the black liquid.

  2. The coffees I mentioned above run about $13 – $15 per pound, a price I find acceptable on a regular basis. However, sometimes I find great bargains on other tasty brands such as Tully's, Peet's, Boyd's, and yes, even Dunkin Doughnuts original blend. They are all good coffees, methinks.

    I can't fault Starbucks for having found a successful business model. But their coffee is at best mediocre and at worst just plain bad. Mind you, I drink my coffee black because I enjoy the flavor. Starbucks seems to roast its beans to a level of bitterness all but guaranteeing they will up-sell you from the already overpriced plain cup of drip into the latte-macchiato-soy-frappucino-mocha-whatever with syrup and some kind of sprinkles on top because adding all that is the only way you can stomach the coffee. And you pay $5 – $8 for it. No thanks! It's beyond mortal sin.

  3. Thanks for the Irish Whiskey tips..cigars are definitely more by personal taste as you…but you cannot go wrong with purchasing them from J.R. Cigars…their stores are a great place to visit when it comes to tobacco shopping.

  4. Agreed! As far as commercial coffee is concerned, D&D tops Starbuck’s any day. Never understood the obsession with them. I’m not paying their price for coffee that is IMO, worse than Maxwell House, or even Sanka!

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