christmas afternoonUp to their rooms squabbling children were sent,
The toys are all broken, the money is spent,
The credit-cards maxed and the beer has gone flat,
She swears the new negligee makes her look fat,
The overcooked goose, like an old leather shoe,
Is unappetizing but what else is new?
The car just won’t start, so the grocery store
Might as well be a galaxy off, and what’s more,

The pizza guy won’t take a check, so the utter
Alternative’s feasting on mere peanut butter;
Go online? The wi-fi is dead, for you see
The dog chewed the cable. The flat-screen teevee,
Has NASCAR, a show on unplugging a drain,
Spavined Pelosi and rancid McCain,
And not too much else. So, what is there to do,
At least ‘til this hideous holiday’s through?
Well, it probably wasn’t a part of your plan,
But you just might reflect on when God became Man.




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