A Tory, according to Samuel Johnson, is a man attached to orthodoxy in church and state. A bohemian is a wandering and often impecunious man of letters or arts, indifferent to the demands of bourgeois fad and foible… Tory and bohemian go not ill together: it is quite possible to abide by the norms of civilized existence, what Mr. T. S. Eliot calls ‘the permanent things’: and yet to set at defiance the soft securities and sham conventionalities of twentieth-century sociability. — Russell Kirk, Confessions of a Bohemian Tory

The Farm, by Wendell Berry

Gray Zeitz of Larkspur Press has been hand setting type and printing books on a hand fed Chandler & Price press for decades. Zeitz’s shop is a county over from Wendell Berry’s farm, and the two often work together.

vanity fair

The Farm is a poetic meditation on, well, what you’d expect it to be. Larkspur printed a new edition this year, complete with revisions by Berry. It’s a lovely hand sized volume, hand bound at Larkspur Press, perfect for as a stocking stuffer. You can buy it from Black Swan Books in Lexington, Kentucky.

Biscuit Mix

Can you possibly do better than biscuit mix from Birmingham, Alabama?

PastedGraphic-1A Vintage Vanity Fair Caricature

From 1869-1914 Vanity Fair published caricatures of “Men of the Day.” Some of them you know, many you’ve never heard of. Most look great on your wall. Over two thousand of them were printed, so you can find one for any budget. For full service, buy from The Vanity Fair Print Company (or try ebay, but beware reproductions).

shoe horn

Churchill Style: The Art of Being Winston Churchill, by Barry Singer

Churchill lived large. Find out how.

Abbeyhorn Shoe Horn

A shoe horn made of, well, horn, the way they were meant to be. Shoe horns are essential to maintaining the integrity of quality shoes. Why not slide them on with style?

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