esc-c17_RGifts for imaginative conservatives are bound to be gifts for readers. Keeping that in mind, permit me to suggest some reading tools and accessories as holiday gift ideas.

It is no secret that I love Filson. Their American-made bags and coats are among the best, and toughest, you will ever find. Consider Filson’s wool and tin pencil case.

Charleston’s Ben Silver makes some of my favorite ties. This Ben Silver silk eyeglass case, made from their British regimental tie silk, is sharp and functional.

I do not usually highlight my books. However, if I had this Pelikan M205 Highlighter fountain pen I just might start highlighting. They are also available at Amazon.

Serious readers need a solid collection of reference books. H.L. Mencken’s The American Language deserves a place on every reader’s, and writer’s, desk.

Colonel Littleton’s personalized leather bookmarks are a gift that any reader will appreciate. And they will last a lifetime.

Mere mortals may keep a utilitarian magnifying glass in their desk drawer. With a Warby Parker monocle, colonels and budding super villains can show their contempt for utilitarianism.

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