mad-professor“There are no laws, save Want alone,”
The mad professor said,
“That govern the affairs of men.
“So get out of your head

“Archaic thoughts of Nature’s Laws.
“Reactionary nonsense!
“The only constant we confront
“Is that there are no constants.

“All the best minds now agree
“There is no Human Nature.
“The only laws to which we bow
“Come from the Legislature.

“And don’t bring up rules that pertain
“To etiquette and conduct.”
The mad professor shook his head.
“That’s all a social construct.”

Still as stone, the students sat,
Enchanted by the words
That freed them from the bonds of men
And chained them to the dirt.

The mad professor plied his trade
The same as years before.
Scripted schemes of sophistry
Had opened up the door

To thoughts that slowly poisoned thought,
To words best left unsaid,
For fear they take man’s mental might
And leave an empty head.

The students did not realize
Their mad professor’s diction
Did naught but replace simple truth
With complicated fiction.

The students left class quite unsure
Of truths within their station,
But felt supremely confident
That they could govern nations.

Do not suppose these anti-thoughts
Are merely idle chatter!
Stand vigil over hard-won truths
Or little else will matter.

Ideas are fire within men’s minds.
Some succor and inspire.
But others burn away to ash
The will to climb still higher.

Age-old wisdom, in a flash,
Can be erased by teachers:
Si monumentum requiris,
Tantum circumspice.

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