Divine Goodness. Timeless Truths. Beautiful Works of God and Man.

Especially in times of crisis, The Permanent Things are the things to which conservatives have always been devoted. Indeed, they are the things that all men ought to embrace at all times.

When The Imaginative Conservative was founded nearly a decade ago, the times were quite different. It was the beginning of the Obama Administration, and conservatives were scrambling to preserve their policies in the face of the onslaught of a hostile ideology. With the inauguration of Donald Trump as president, debates about the nature of conservatism moved to the heart of our internecine discussions.

And during these times, The Imaginative Conservative became an important forum for civil dialogue about what it means to be conservative… to be human… to be God’s creatures. For the last ten years, we have provided essays by great minds that reflect the best of conservative and humane thought, past and present, free of charge and paid advertising.

To continue to do so, however, in this unexpected and unwelcome era of medical, economic, and social crisis, we need your help now

Please make a contribution to The Imaginative Conservative today.

Yours sincerely,

W. Winston Elliott III

P.S. It is customary for many of our friends to donate in amounts of $120 or $240 per year. We are grateful for every gift regardless of size. Perhaps in this difficult time some of you who are able may consider a gift of $500, $1000, or even more? We do not know how this crisis will develop, but we do know that many of those upon whom we have depended are already struggling. Please consider doing all that you can to help us continue to serve The Imaginative Conservative community.

Thank you. For all we wish and pray peace and health.

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