Dear Friend of The Imaginative Conservative:

I want to share with you two reader comments we received recently that bear witness to the transformative power of The Imaginative Conservative:

“What you have added to my morning routine is transformative. You are truly a breath of fresh air, where stagnant, unimaginative thinking rules too many morning routines.” —Caston Thomas

“Just to say that I absolutely adore this page and the essays on the site. It helps me to feel that I’m not alone in this strange world I find myself in.” —David Hodges

Mr. Hodges also points us to a passage in The Lantern Bearers by Rosemary Sutcliffe, which, he says, “could not be more applicable today”:

“I sometimes think that we stand at the sunset. It may be that night will close over us in the end, but I believe that morning will come again. Morning always grows again out of the darkness, though maybe not for the people who saw the sun go down. We are the lantern bearers my friend, for us to keep something burning, to carry what light we can forward into the darkness and the wind.”

This image of the Lantern Bearer in the Darkness is how we think of The Imaginative Conservative, where we seek to preserve the American Republic and the Western Tradition on a daily basis, through the publication of essays that reflect the best of conservative thought, past and present. Since our inception more than a decade ago, our 8,000-plus essays have been read more than 21 million times.

Mr. Thomas concludes his comment with a plea to his fellow readers: “Give the gift in thanks for what The Imaginative Conservative has meant in your life—and at the same time, what it can mean to others who are starved for wisdom, insight and perspectives that make life richer and more full of meaning!”

Will you join us in being Lantern Bearers in the Darkness by supporting our mission and making a contribution today?

In Gratitude,

W. Winston Elliott III

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