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Eric Forsbergh

Eric Forsbergh
Eric Forsbergh lives in Reston, Virginia, where he practices dentistry. He wrote poetry in high school and college before taking a 25 year hiatus to attend to family and career. He resumed writing poetry in 2010 and is an active member of the Poetry Society of Virginia. He attended the University of Tennessee for undergraduate school, and the University of North Carolina for graduate school.
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Crisp in whites, eight men up, four on a side, slow-step  the horizontal coffin across the flat expanse of our carrier, toward the edge. The decks are quieted. Crews of  men in oil-spotted work clothes give a wide perimeter. The air hangs vacantly, with...
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Bathers, Dieppe by Erick Sickert You bent to pull your top, your arms so tan. I watched you from the cliff at quarry cove. Your bend of neck revealed, I felt like Pan, his...
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Autumn Effect at Argenteuil by Claude Monet Like honey on a ripened pear, a glow upon today remains. Let’s walk, not brace for winter yet.  Each unkempt orchard row will stiffen, cold, the frost like...