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John Borstlap

John Borstlap
John Borstlap is a composer and writer on cultural subjects, covering music and the visual arts. He is the author of The Classical Revolution: Thoughts on New Music in the 21st Century. Mr. Borstlap studied at the Rotterdam Conservatory and took a Master's Degree at the University of Cambridge (England). His Violin Concerto won prizes at the Prince Pierre Competition in Monaco and at the Wieniawski Competition in Poznan (Poland).
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The capacity to “enter” the imaginary landscape of the musical narrative—or to have the musical narrative take possession of our inner space, to say it differently—is what musical perception really means. We can call this “deep listening:” the alert attention which puts, for the duration of the...
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Music was meant to create an effect in its listeners that embraced more than the perception of its sounds alone; it was meant to have an effect deeper than words, deeper than rational thought, and touching the emotions and that mysterious thing which the poets call...
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In the last century, the concept of “progress” was often projected upon the arts as a measurement of quality: “good art” was “progressive art.” If an artist did not commit some...