About John M. Vella

John M. Vella is Acquisitions Editor at Crisis Publications and Sophia Institute Press. He served as editor of Crisis Magazine from 2012 to 2019 and as managing editor of Modern Age: A Quarterly Review for more than a decade. He earned his Master's degree in History from Villanova in 2010.

Worthy Conservatism

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In 1955, in the pages of Commonweal magazine, Russell Kirk sought to explain the gradual disappearance of serious journals of opinion in the United States and Britain. He offered several possible reasons for this trend: hard economic times and the material sacrifices required to fight two world wars. Yet these causes did not suffice. While [...]

Thomas More: Virtuous Statesman

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Thomas More on Statesmanship, by Gerard Wegemer. If there is one historical figure whose life and work most closely resembled that of Sir Thomas More, it would likely be the Roman statesman Marcus Tullius Cicero. As some scholars have noted, Cicero, like More, was a statesman highly honored by Renaissance humanists for his many admirable qualities. He was a successful barrister, a highly skilled [...]

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