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Marshall DeRosa is the author of several books, including The Confederate Constitution of 1861: An Inquiry Into American Constitutionalism and The Politics of Dissolution and the Rhetorical Quest for a National Identity. He is Professor of Political Science at Florida Atlantic University.

The Reserved Powers of the Tenth Amendment

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The Tenth Amendment and State Sovereignty: Constitutional History and Contemporary Issues, Mark R. Killenbeck (Editor) The Tenth Amendment can best be described as the last visible battlefield breastwork of the constitutional struggle between the forces of centralization and those of localism. But just as military advances have made nineteenth-century earthen breastworks mostly obsolete, so, too, have [...]

M.E. Bradford’s Constitutional Theory: A Southern Conservative’s Affirmation of The Rule of Law

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A Better Guide Than Reason: Studies in the American Revolution. (La Salle, IL: Sherwood Sugden & Company Publishers, 1979). Cited in the text as Guide. Remembering Who We Are: Observations of a Southern Conservative. (Athens, GA: The University of Georgia Press, 1985). Cited in the text as Remembering. A Worthy Company: The Dramatic Story of [...]

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