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Paul Creston (born Giuseppe Guttoveggio; 1906 – 1985) was an Italian- American composer of classical music. Born in New York City to Sicilian immigrants, Creston was self-taught as a composer and was one of the most performed American composers of the 1940s and 1950s. Several of his works have become staples of the wind band repertoire: Zanoni, Prelude and Dance and the Celebration Overture.

“The Nativity”

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American composer Paul Creston's Symphony No. 3 is composed of three movements, each depicting one of the mysteries of the life of Christ: "The Nativity," "The Crucifixion," and "The Resurrection." Here is more from the Naxos recording of this work: In his Symphony No.3 Creston expressed his deep religious feelings in an orchestral Life of Christ. Premiered [...]

“A Fanfare for Paratroopers”

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During World War Two, the famed English conductor Eugene Goossens, music director of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, commissioned various American composers to submit patriotic pieces to celebrate the Allied war effort against Germany, Italy, and Japan. Eighteen compositions (including one by Goossens himself), brief fanfares all, were submitted and were played over the course of [...]

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