“A Fanfare for Paratroopers”

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During World War Two, the famed English conductor Eugene Goossens, music director of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, commissioned various American composers to submit patriotic pieces to celebrate the Allied war effort against Germany, Italy, and Japan. Eighteen compositions (including one by Goossens himself), brief fanfares all, were submitted and were played over the course of [...]

Andrew Jackson & the Republican Fear of a Standing Army

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To the end of his days, Andrew Jackson harbored suspicions about the United States employing a standing army. A standing army was a waste of a country’s resources, and even more so, a danger to the liberties of its people… To understand Andrew Jackson, his thought, his policies, and his legacy, one must understand [...]

In Defense of Those Who Protect Us

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Yes, we must hold our police and our military accountable, but we must also respect the difficulty and danger of their jobs and stop willfully blinding ourselves to the unpleasant realities around us… Today’s offering in our Timeless Essay series affords our readers the opportunity to join Louis Markos as he uses The Lord of [...]

At the Center of the Storm: John Sullivan of New Hampshire

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Controversy surrounds the story of John Sullivan’s life. Yet he is among the representative Americans of his time—gen­erous to a fault, jealous of his personal honor, optimistic, gregarious, ambitious, and “larger than life”… John Sullivan John Sullivan (1740-1795), lawyer, entrepreneur, soldier, and political leader of New Hampshire during and after the American [...]

Violence with a Purpose: Mel Gibson’s “Hacksaw Ridge”

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In this secular age, the fact that Mel Gibson did not shy away from the reality that the hero of Hacksaw Ridge was a conservative, Bible-believing Christian makes the film all the more astounding... Mel Gibson’s new film, Hacksaw Ridge continues the controversial actor and director’s taste for gusto, guts, and glory. From Mad Max and [...]

Long Night’s Journey into Day: The Twilight of Knightly Men

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"The East is another name for the West"—Sufi proverb In Memory of Stephen J. Masty When, in happier days, she was inscrutable "Arabia," and felix the plucky cognomen-ex-virtute honoring a mythological lineage of Sheban queens, Roman misadventure, and flourishing trade routes scented in cinnamon and frankincense, the greatest of English explorers submitted to her virgin [...]

What Should America Do at the NATO Summit?

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Many of NATO’s anxious Eastern European members are hoping that the United States pledges permanent American boots on the ground during the Alliance’s upcoming summit in Warsaw, Poland. The Eastern European’ anxiety is understandable given not only the current crisis in Ukraine, but their long history of troubles with Russia. Yet this very history breeds [...]

Was Russell Kirk Right about the Gulf War?

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“The Republican Party, which achieved its greatest vigor in this century during the presidential terms of Ronald Reagan, now seems in the sere and yellow leaf.” – Russell Kirk, February 27, 1991, the day before President George Bush declared victory with Operation Desert Storm. Scholars Bradley J. Birzer and Adam Fuller reflect on Russell [...]