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Dr. Robert A. Heineman is Professor of Political Science, Emeritus, at Alfred University as well as the author of several works, including Ethics and Public Policy and The World of the Policy Analyst: Rationality, Values & Politics.

Edmund Burke and the American Nation

By |2017-04-06T01:20:09-05:00February 5th, 2017|Categories: American Republic, Edmund Burke, Featured, Ordered Liberty, Timeless Essays|

Edmund Burke believed that a constitution rooted in the fundamental beliefs and practices of the people was essential for preserving a nation and guiding its leaders… Today’s offering in our Timeless Essay series affords readers the opportunity to join Robert Heineman as he argues that pluralism is destroying America’s political institutions as they were understood [...]

Edmund Burke and the American Nation

By |2019-03-21T10:46:26-05:00July 19th, 2013|Categories: American Republic, Edmund Burke, Political Science Reviewer, Revolution|

In his politics and in his works, Burke spoke for the concept of the nation, and nowhere is this more apparent than in his Reflections on the Revolution in France[1] And rarely have his views been more relevant than in present-day America. Fortunately, Americans have never been subjected to a revolution as terrible as that of the [...]

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