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Dr. Thomas Landess (1931–2012) held a Ph.D. from the University of South Carolina and was a professor of literature for more than twenty years. He served as Academic Dean of the University Dallas and as a founding member of the Abbeville Institute.

James Joyce & Aesthetic Gnosticism

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The kind of freedom people speak of today is more likely than not something more than emancipation from political tyranny. It is freedom from social custom, from tradition, from the created order, freedom from God. And for this troubling illusion, we may in part thank James Joyce… The plight of the artist in the modern [...]

Three Reasons Not to Like Abraham Lincoln

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Despite his oft-quoted rhetoric of reconcilia­tion, Abraham Lincoln instituted a policy of total war, making certain that civilians suffered the cruelest deprivations. Because of him, the cemeteries of the nation were sown with 600,000 premature bodies… By way of prologue, let me say that all of us like the Lincoln whose face appears on the penny. [...]

The Art of Intimacy

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The Literary Correspondence of Donald Davidson and Allen Tate edited by John Tyree Fain and Thomas Daniel Young. Of those sources ordinarily consulted by literary historians and critics, letters are surely among the most suspect. In the first place, we all write lines that are no more than the accepted conventions of social intercourse: “I apologize [...]

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