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Thomas Storck has taught history at Christendom College and philosophy at Mt. Aloysius College. He holds an M.A. from St. John’s College with additional studies in history at Bluffton College and in economics at the USDA Graduate School in Washington, D.C. Mr. Storck is a member of the editorial board of The Chesterton Review and is the author of The Catholic Milieu, Christendom and the West, and Foundations of a Catholic Political Order. His latest book is From Christendom to Americanism and Beyond: The Long, Jagged Trail to a Postmodern Void.

Art, Beauty, and Purpose

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We are so accustomed to regarding the fine arts as simply a means to pursue or attain the beautiful in the abstract, that we forget that for long centuries there was a close connection between the arts and some public purpose… Outside of academia, discussions about theories of art or the relations of art and [...]

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