Constitution Day

The Coups Against the Constitution

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September 17 is Constitutional Day. The conservative establishment will undoubtedly write platitudes to the Constitution, thus creating the illusion that our government still abides by it. It is true that Alexis de Tocqueville observed that the Constitution was the best-crafted document in the world. But that document crafted by the Founding Fathers and eulogized [...]

Ronald Reagan LOVED Constitution Day

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President Ronald Reagan Ronald Reagan LOVED the Constitution and in fact, issued Constitution Day Proclamations on every Sept. 17th that he was in office! Were it only so today. Most people will give some sort of “really, today is the Constitution’s Birthday!? Yeah, whatever” or “…. hmmm, that’s cool” response when learning of [...]

Happy Constitution Day

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On this day in 1787, delegates to the Federal Convention completed their work (which began in May) and voted to approve a new Constitution, which was submitted to the states for ratification (which occurred on June 21, 1788). Now the oldest written national constitution in the world, the British statesman William Gladstone described it [...]

Constitution Day: Byrd’s Highway to Nowhere

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I drive through West Virginia all the time, and it’s hard to give directions there. You always find yourself saying, “Take the Robert Byrd out to the Robert Byrd, and make a left onto the Robert Byrd.” It seems like every road in the place is named after ye olde Senior Senator. It’s long [...]