The Wisdom of John Taylor of Caroline

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John Taylor of Caroline During a recent meeting of the Academy of Philosophy and Letters in Baltimore this summer, radio personality and [r]epublican man of virtue, Mike Church, called for a revival and remembrance of the thought of John Taylor of Caroline. Perhaps, Church persuasively argued, we might very well find some answers and solutions [...]

The Road to Independence: Mike Church and the Defense of the American Republic

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Our beleaguered republic has been blessed mightily with the artistry, dedication, wit, tenacity, and wisdom of Mike Church. Not only does he ask the questions that need to be asked, he also talks to the best men and women of our age. Anyone who has had the privilege of listening to Mike on his radio [...]

Beautiful Brilliance: Barbara Elliott on Mike Church

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The ever elegant and thoughtful Barbara Elliott (yes, OUR Barbara) was on the Mike Church show today. Congrats to Barbara for sharing her always inspiring insights on the nature of American character and community, and congrats to Mike Church for having such good taste in his choice of guests. Click here for the interview with [...]

Elliott and Church: Imaginative Patriots

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In case you missed it yesterday, the best radio talk show host around, Mike Church, spent nearly an hour talking with The Imaginative Conservative founder and editor, W. Winston Elliott III. Winston is a natural leader, and he’s been content to work behind the scenes, promoting the work of his friends. I’ve seen this for [...]

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