Can Conservatism Be Expressed As A Vow?

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When someone says they are a “hardcore conservative” what exactly does that mean? Is it possible that the term “conservative”, used properly, should resist being further diluted by descriptors? That would then require “conservatives” to have an agreed upon code they live by, kinda like the code adapted by chivalrous knights once upon a [...]

From Colonists to Revolutionaries

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How did the colonists go from the Stamp Act outrage in 1765 to being armed militiamen in 1775? In one decade, after a preceding decade of abuses, a Second Continental Congress convened and separation or secession actually starts becoming not only possible but necessary. There were some, like Patrick Henry, who had advocated this [...]

A Warning from General Charles Lee, Revolutionary War Hero

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July 12, 1776, General Charles Lee, who was then in South Carolina, wrote to Patrick Henry to congratulate him for being elected the first governor of the first free country ever formed by the sovereign people therein: writing their own constitution and electing their own first magistrate. Lee sees the writing on the wall: [...]

Mike Church & Winston Elliott on The Imaginative Conservative

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Happy 3rd birthday to The Imaginative Conservative! This week The Imaginative Conservative Editor-in-Chief W. Winston Elliott III discussed The Imaginative Conservative’s third birthday and Russell Kirk’s penchant for ghost stories on The Mike Church Show. Mike: Let’s say hello to my dear friend, the one and only Winston Elliott III, Editor-in-Chief of The Imaginative Conservative, the place to [...]

Road To Independence Audio Marathon

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Enjoy my 5th annual FREE airing of the audio version of the “Road To Independence” and this year Founding Father Films also presents audio highlights from the Road to Independence–The Movie plus behind the scenes, “making of” features, interviews with cast members and much more. I hope you and your family enjoy this presentation [...]

Independence: Your Very Humble Servant, Patrick Henry

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On Saturday, 29 June, 1776 the Virginia Convention, on the third vote, gave its approbation to the Constitution for the Commonwealth of Virginia and Independence, days before Congress jointly acted. That same day, newly elected delegates to its first Assembly voted Patrick Henry as the first governor of Virginia. Previously, during the debate over [...]

Conservatism: True & False

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Here is my interview with Dr. Claes G. Ryn. On this show we discussed numerous topics including modern “conservatism” (or “Neo-Conservatism”) and traditional conservatism. Mike: So let me start by asking you to flesh the question out a little bit, so maybe those that didn’t hear me talking about it and haven’t read your [...]

Happy Secession Day, Virginia!

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In the process of ratifying the U.S. Constitution, the most celebrated, lengthy and heated debate was held in the Virginia Convention which convened on 4 June, 1788 in the old State House in Richmond. Seeing that there would not be enough room to accommodate the 187 delegates and thousands of interested citizens, the convention moved [...]

Founding Fathers on War: Madison to Jefferson Letter of 1798

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Senator Rand Paul has been using the following quotation in his speeches to the United States Senate and most recently used this in a speech delivered at the Heritage Foundation discussing “constitutional foreign policy” as the founding fathers had envisioned. “Madison wrote, ‘The Constitution supposes what history demonstrates, that the Executive is the branch most [...]

If ANY State is a "Taker" State then the Union Under Constitution is at an End

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It has been argued of late that should certain Southern States decide to do what the People therein believe is needed to reclaim their liberties, they should be allowed to perform the Act of Secession so that the world may behold the spectacle of the resulting impoverishment. This claim is made by the Southern [...]