Conservative Credo

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Conservatism seeks the Truth that has emerged over time, drawing from the deep wellsprings of human experience, and builds anew on foundations that have withstood the tests of time. It fosters order and the flourishing of human beings as they live in relationship with one another. We are united in the eternal contract between [...]

Reviews of The Conservative Mind, version 5.5.

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Dear Imaginative Conservative readers, When I submitted part five of the reactions/reviews to Kirk’s magisterial The Conservative Mind, I claimed it to be the final part. I lied—but not with malicious intent. I’d forgotten I still had a few more reviews in the stack. That, or I simply spaced the memory. If you’ve ever [...]

Round Four: The Critics Against Russell Kirk’s 1953 Brilliance!

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Bernard Theall, OSB, “A Survey and Defense of Conservative Way,” Books on Trial 12 (November 1953): 59. “The is surely one of the most heartening and thought-provoking books to have appeared in recent years” “In an age of ‘statistical morality’ and of the apotheosis of democracy, and when Catholics are being urged, as a [...]

Reviewing The Conservative Mind, Part I

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As some Imaginative Conservative readers know, I’ve the great privilege of working on a book on the endlessly fascinating Russell Kirk. At this point, I’ve written an introduction, three full chapters, and two partial chapters. I’ve written about 50,000 words, and I’m projecting a total word count for the completed project at roughly 120,000 words. The [...]

The Romance of Conservatism

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In one of the great works of imagination, Orthodoxy, G. K. Chesterton declared that faith is romantic, that materialism is not only dull but produces a boredom that leads to madness. Humans are born romantics and they can never fulfill their better natures without cultivating an imagination that accepts and embraces mystery. The romantic lives [...]