Year-End Giving

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Dear Imaginative Conservative Reader, As you prepare for the annual American ritual of year-end giving, please consider donating—at whatever level you can—to the sponsor of The Imaginative Conservative, The Center for the American Republic (CAR), a program of the Free Enterprise Institute (FEI). If you enjoy our articles, reviews, discussions, rants, debates, and general [...]

Reviews of The Conservative Mind, version 5.5.

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Dear Imaginative Conservative readers, When I submitted part five of the reactions/reviews to Kirk’s magisterial The Conservative Mind, I claimed it to be the final part. I lied—but not with malicious intent. I’d forgotten I still had a few more reviews in the stack. That, or I simply spaced the memory. If you’ve ever [...]

Round Four: The Critics Against Russell Kirk’s 1953 Brilliance!

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Bernard Theall, OSB, “A Survey and Defense of Conservative Way,” Books on Trial 12 (November 1953): 59. “The is surely one of the most heartening and thought-provoking books to have appeared in recent years” “In an age of ‘statistical morality’ and of the apotheosis of democracy, and when Catholics are being urged, as a [...]

Round Two: Reactions to Kirk’s 1953 seminal work, THE CONSERVATIVE MIND

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  As I continue to read through and digest the contemporary reviews of The Conservative Mind, I find I keep noticing certain common themes: 1) Few knew what to make of Kirk’s romantic style, though most reviewers appreciated it; 2) Catholics seem to have liked Kirk the most, seeing in him a latent Romanist; and 3) [...]

Reviewing The Conservative Mind, Part I

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As some Imaginative Conservative readers know, I’ve the great privilege of working on a book on the endlessly fascinating Russell Kirk. At this point, I’ve written an introduction, three full chapters, and two partial chapters. I’ve written about 50,000 words, and I’m projecting a total word count for the completed project at roughly 120,000 words. The [...]