Gender Confusion on the Gridiron!

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Jennifer Welter is pretty yoked up for a chick. Evidently, she is very committed to a rigorous work out program. Surely one could not be blamed for wondering what means of strength training she’s employed to get where she’s at: men’s professional football. Although her train wreck of a debut performance was impressive in a [...]

How Gender-Neutral Bible Translations Endanger Christian Marriage

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When the Word of God loses not only its sharpness but its ability to discern between truth and error, the eternal and the temporal, the essential and the constructed, it loses as well its ability to speak prophetically to a culture that has lost its way. If Bible-believing Christians are to take back marriage, they [...]

Archetypes: Masculine and Feminine

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In his famous press conference on the plane coming back from Rio, Pope Francis called for a more profound theology of woman–he even used the word “mystical”. For what he might mean, see “Sincere Gift”, and also Paul Evdokimov’s Woman and the Salvation of the World: A Christian Anthropology on the Charisms of Women. One of the most [...]

Male and Female Souls

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To what extent are the differences between man and woman rooted in the soul, rather than just the body? If the soul is the “form” of the body, one might assume that masculinity and femininity are characteristics of the soul before they are of the body. Yet the tradition of patristic and medieval commentary on [...]

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