Gender Confusion on the Gridiron!

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Jennifer Welter is pretty yoked up for a chick. Evidently, she is very committed to a rigorous work out program. Surely one could not be blamed for wondering what means of strength training she’s employed to get where she’s at: men’s professional football. Although her train wreck of a debut performance was impressive in [...]

Gender-Neutral Bible Translations & the Christian Acceptance of Gay Marriage

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Perhaps the most shocking thing about the growing acceptance of gay marriage amongst otherwise creedal Christians is the fact that the whole notion of same-sex unions would have been unthinkable a generation ago. There were certainly many Christians who felt sympathy and compassion for those trapped in the gay lifestyle and who felt called [...]

Archetypes: Masculine and Feminine

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In his famous press conference on the plane coming back from Rio, Pope Francis called for a more profound theology of woman–he even used the word “mystical”. For what he might mean, see “Sincere Gift”, and also Paul Evdokimov’s Woman and the Salvation of the World: A Christian Anthropology on the Charisms of Women. One of the [...]