Remembering the Real Halloween

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Probably at no other time in the history of mankind have cities been destroyed by the deliberate acts of their inhabitants. A mad world, my masters! Yesteryear’s festive bonfire in the village square, with its half jocular, half fearful notions of ghostly presences, has given way to a diabolical destruction in the core of some [...]

Darkness Visible: Exorcism Films and the Iconography of Evil

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Popular culture is awash with the horror genre. Television shows, video games, movies and literature on the occult gush forth seeming to make the ironic point that the more our society becomes scientifically secular the more appetite there is for the supernatural. It seems impossible to avoid the tsunami of paranormal investigators, zombies, vampires and [...]

Your Heart Belongs to Me: Profundity in Popular Thrillers

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In the middle of the journey of our life I came to myself within a dark wood where the straight way was lost. — Dante Alighieri, The Divine Comedy, Inferno, Canto I, l. The classical Greeks described, in etiological terms, the search or quest for “the ground of existence” by the use of the word aition. Aristotle applies [...]

King for a Day

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At the beginning of this calendar year, I was near campus on my usual daily 4-mile constitutional, earbuds in ears, my mind a million miles away. “Hi Brad, what are you listening to?” a rather famous visiting scholar asked me, seemingly from out of nowhere. Hoping to move to another topic very quickly, I responded dismissively, “Just [...]

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