Facebook and the End of Civilization

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Facebook is fundamentally at odds with the social nature of the human person. It is not a “social network,” but a solitary endeavor. It does not draw together but breaks asunder. It replaces the person with an object, and if widely practiced, leads to the destination of dystopia. There has occurred at some point in [...]

On Death, Comedy, and Drama

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“If you don’t like me just say it.” “I don’t LIKE YOU!!!” “Why don’t you like me? You’re a p—k and I like you.” “Because you make my effort a joke! …. This isn’t a game to me. This isn’t playtime! This is serious…business.” This is the transcript of a conversation between Phillip Seymour Hoffman [...]

The Writhings of Nihilism

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The most searching and dispassionate analysis will yield the irrefutable conclusion that summer is by far the worst season. Both presently and historically, the months when the northern hemisphere faces the full force of the sun are months of turmoil and destruction. Locally, a man will notice his powers suppressed by the sun, his energy [...]

Fighting a Just (Culture) War

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The Rev. Dr. Daniel M. Bell, Jr. may declare victory in at least one respect: He succeeded in getting a relatively sedentary homebody to consider afresh the perils of war. Dr. Bell’s book, Just War as Christian Discipleship, argues that to fight a just war requires more than a check list of ‘do’s’ and ‘don’t’s,’ [...]

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