The Case for Supply Side Economics: Wealth & Poverty

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Book of the Day: Hailed as “the guide to capitalism when it first appeared in 1981, Wealth & Poverty is one of the most famous economics books of modern times. In it Mr. George F. Gilder argues that supply side economics and free market policies are –the answer to decreasing America’s poverty rate and increasing her prosperity. He [...]

Forgotten Conservatives in American History: Featured Book

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In Forgotten Conservatives in American History Brion McClanahan and Clyde Wilson trace conservatism from the country’s beginnings, and discuss central conservative principles of sound money, light taxes, low debt, states’ rights, and decentralization.  Grover Cleveland, the last conservative president; John Taylor, the best political thinker of the Jeffersonian tradition; and Sam Ervin, the last constitutionalist, [...]

George Washington: Indispensable Man-Featured Book

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Washington-The Indispensable Man In honor of the anniversary of George Washington’s birth The Imaginative Conservative recommends this dramatic and concise single volume distillation of James Thomas Flexner’s definitive four volume biography of George Washington. Flexner received a Pulitzer Prize citation for the four volume work. Books on George Washington may be found in The Imaginative [...]

Founding Fathers-Lives of the Framers: Featured Book

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Founding Fathers: Brief Lives of the Framers of the United States Constitution M.E. Bradford’s brief lives of the Founding Fathers, free of ideological prejudices, tell us the sort of delegates those fifty-five were: gentlemen, with few exceptions, attached to precedent and custom, prescription and “ancient constitutions.” Those colonial gentlemen, so very British, were not [...]

The Essential Russell Kirk: Featured Book

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With The Essential Russell Kirk, literary critic George A. Panichas captures the breadth and depth of Kirk’s intellectual project by gathering together forty-four of the most masterful of Kirk’s essays, along with a unique chronology told in Kirk’s own words and a substantial introduction that articulates the deep humanism that animated Kirk’s philosophy. The result [...]

Ordering Love: Liberal Societies and the Memory of God

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David L. Schindler, in Ordering Love: Liberal Societies and the Memory of God,  sees this as a technological age not simply because of technological advancements but because of the way we think as the result of our technological orientation. He shows, within the context of politics, economics, science, and cultural and professional life generally, that God-centered love [...]

Religion and the Rise of Western Culture: Christopher Dawson

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  In Religion and the Rise of Western Culture, Christopher Dawson addresses two of the most pressing subjects of our day: the origin of Europe and the religious roots of Western culture. Click the link below to find this, and other books by Christopher Dawson,  in The Imaginative Conservative Bookstore! We hope you will join [...]