George Gilder on Uncommon Knowledge

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We hope you will join us in The Imaginative Conservative community. The Imaginative Conservative is an on-line journal for those who seek the True, the Good and the Beautiful. We address culture, liberal learning, politics, political economy, literature, the arts and the American Republic in the tradition of Russell Kirk, T.S. Eliot, Edmund Burke, Irving Babbitt, Paul Elmer More, Wilhelm [...]

Wealth: Learning & Discovery

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We begin with the proposition that capitalism is not chiefly an incentive system but an information system. We continue with the recognition, explained by the most powerful science of the epoch, that information itself is best defined as surprise—what we cannot predict rather than what we can. The key to economic growth is not acquisition [...]

The Case for Supply Side Economics: Wealth & Poverty

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Book of the Day: Hailed as “the guide to capitalism when it first appeared in 1981, Wealth & Poverty is one of the most famous economics books of modern times. In it Mr. George F. Gilder argues that supply side economics and free market policies are –the answer to decreasing America’s poverty rate and increasing her prosperity. He also [...]

The Constitution Guarantees only the Right to Property

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Wealth and Poverty: A New Edition for the Twenty-First Century The great temptation and delusion of socialist regimes is to attempt to guarantee the value of things rather than the ownership of them. This was also the great mistake of the Bush and Obama administrations’ response to the crisis of 2008. Value depends on dedicated [...]

Governments Do Not Create Wealth: Wealth & Poverty

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Wealth & Poverty: A New Edition for the 21st Century Even if it wished to, the government could not capture America’s wealth from its one percent of the one percent. As Marxist despots and tribal socialists from Cuba to Greece have discovered to their huge disappointment, governments can neither create wealth nor effectively redistribute it, [...]

The Materialist Superstition

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The continued prevalence of the materialist superstition was manifest in a recent issue of Time magazine titled “In Search of the Mind.”[1] The cover story for the issue authoritatively declaimed that “consciousness may be nothing more than an evanescent by-product of more mundane, wholly physical processes.” According to one medical school neuroscientist cited in the [...]

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