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  1. Winston, spot on. Where have gone great men who create great things both for business and the public? Where have gone the sense of duty and responsibility which once were the natural companions of power and influence? In this era in which ball parks are named for corporations, not people, most of our best have forsaken invention and growth for control and cosolidation.

    Michael P. Figaro Jr.

  2. As with most of our verbally acute intelligentsia, Mr. Codevilla is perhaps correct for data presented, but fails to recognize our democracy’s true Ruling Class and how it perverts our American democracy..

    The Ruling Class is a conspiratorial alliance of Public Sector bureaucrats, entitlement recipients, extremely wealthy money people and elected Politicians..

    The base of the Public Sector is the Entitlement Class. The Entitlement Class is by nature a product of Public Sector Bureaucrats. Its purpose is to sustain the Public Sector.

    The Public Sector wants society to provide it with preferential incomes at the expense of the people who contribute to society: our nations entrepreneurs and workers.

    So the Public Sector is the Ruling Class Master and those who contribute to society’s wealth are their slaves.

    KW Koch

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