imaginative conservativeThank you to Stratford Caldecott from The Economy Project for this very generous recommendation of The Imaginative Conservative:

A new and rather impressive blog has made its appearance. The Imaginative Conservative seems to be the main forum right now for intelligent discussion of social and cultural issues from the vantage-point of the cultural or “paleo”-conservatives Russell Kirk and Christopher Dawson. It is American, so English and other non-US readers may need a glossary to decode the language sometimes. As I have remarked before, words like “conservative” (and liberal, and libertarian) have several meanings, depending on context. I am convinced that the next step for the conservative movement is to find common cause with conservationists, but that is a step that many are still resisting. However, if you want to conserve Western civilization, this conversation is worth joining.

Also, thanks to Kevin Roberts of Capitol Hill Catholic for his recommendation of The Imaginative Conservative on his website and in his very interesting daily podcast.

Finally, thank you to those who have sent emails to the contributors praising their work. Some among us (I’m not naming any names, yet) need regular encouragement in order to feel loved. Keep those emails and comments coming, they are greatly appreciated.

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