Coptic Christians protest against the killings of people during clashes in Cairo between Christian protesters and military police, in Los AngelesWhile North African and Middle Eastern Christians have long suffered at the hands of Muslims, the last six or so months seem to have been especially brutal.

Does anyone else see the irony in the fact that Obama unilaterally decided (from Brazil of all places) to take sides in the Libyan Civil War, but he’s made no mention of the persecuted Christians throughout the same region of the world?

Some recent headlines and links:

From Reuters today—Ethiopian Christians attacked:

From Fox, late February of this year—Egyptian military attacks Coptic monasteries:

What about the fact (oh, those pesky facts) that the Egyptian army destroyed those monasteries armed with weapons stamped “Made in America,” paid for by U.S. taxpayers?

Or, how about this: no westerner ever expects to read headlines such as “Christians destroy Mosque” or “Radical Christians Attack Muslims”?

Ah, Islam. . . . bringing the world closer to the Apocalypse, one step at a time since 622AD.

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