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Stratford Caldecott

Stratford Caldecott

The Imaginative Conservative extends a warm welcome to our new Senior Contributor, Stratford Caldecott. Mr. Caldecott is the G.K Chesterton Research Fellow at St. Benet’s Hall, Oxford and the editor and co-director of the Oxford-based journal Second Spring. Mr. Caldecott is the author and editor of several books. His works include: Beauty for Truth’s SakeBeauty in the Word, All Things Made NewThe Power of the RingThe Seven Sacraments, and his latest work, The Radience of Being. He served as a senior editor at several publishing houses, including Routledge and HarperCollins, and he is an editor for the Catholic Truth Society in London, the U.K and Ireland edition of Magnificat, and the online journal of the Pontifical John Paul II Institute, the Humanum Review. Mr. Caldecott is also a member of the editorial boards for Communio, The Chesterton Review, and Oasis, an organization that seeks to foster understanding between Muslims and Christians. His work has appeared internationally in publications like Touchstone, Parabola, Catholic Answers, and the National Catholic Register. When he is not writing or editing, Mr. Caldecott teaches and speaks on Christian apologetics, theology, and cultural themes at various colleges and universities.

Books by Stratford Caldecott are available from The Imaginative Conservative Bookstore. Essays by Mr. Caldecott may be found here.

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