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Shelby Tankersley

Shelby Tankersley

by W. Winston Elliott III

The Imaginative Conservative is pleased to announce Shelby Tankersley has joined our staff as Assistant Editor.

Ms. Tankersley is a recent graduate from the Honors College of Houston Baptist University, where she studied Philosophy and Government. Her experience includes writing for the Intercollegiate Review, completing the Intercollegiate Studies Institute Honors Program, interning at The Heritage Foundation, and assisting U.S. Senator John Cornyn (R-TX). Prior to her introduction to political philosophy and conservatism, Ms. Tankersley cultivated a very different skill-set as a catering chef during high school and college.

The Imaginative Conservative is privileged to work with such a bright and capable individual. We have no doubt that our readers will appreciate her keen mind and thoughtful commentary. When asked how young people can provoke meaningful discussions on ordered liberty and first principles, she replied:

The most effective way to pique the interest of peers is to look for areas of common ground. Connecting their convictions to their underlying principles is a great way to get conversations about liberty started.

We at The Imaginative Conservative look forward to working with Shelby Tankersley to continue those conversations.

To find out more you may view her full Intercollegiate Studies Institute Student Spotlight interview here.

W. Winston Elliott III is Editor-in-Chief of The Imaginative Conservative.

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  1. Wonderful and welcome, Miss Tankersley! In addition to liberty, a column on food (and sometimes its history and traditions) might be just the job for an Imaginative Conservative (former) caterer!

  2. Mr. Masty- I think that’s a wonderful idea. Creating good food and providing warm hospitality is one of the last conservative arts. I’d love to write about my attempts to learn how to do so better.

    Steve- Thanks very much! It was a pleasure meeting you in Baltimore and I look forward to teaming up with you as the anti-Jefferson conservative coalition.

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