#capforstratA quiet but tenacious scholar and gentleman, Oxford’s Stratford Caldecott has spent his life as an editor and writer, a promoter of everything and every and any one who seeks in this rather fallen world to discover the eternal good, the true, and the beautiful. For decades, through his own writings, through his excellent journal, Second Spring, and, through many who have been privileged to experience the influence of the man, Mr. Caldecott has analyzed the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, Christopher Dawson, G.K. Chesterton, John Paul II, and many others.

Without exaggeration or hyperbole, one could readily label him the most important Christian Humanist alive today.

Mr. Caldecott is also, probably to the surprise of many of his followers, a lifelong fan of comic books, especially the comics made to popular by Stan Lee, Marvel Comics (now owned by Disney). But, for a moment, step back and think about this objectively. What are comics but images and words made into one? It would be difficult for any lover of liturgy to dismiss easily the art of comic books. Mr. Caldecott has not only refused to dismiss them as childish, he has embraced them as powerful weapons in the service of heroic virtue.

#capforstratFor several years now, Mr. Caldecott has waged his own heroic struggle against malicious cancer. So far, Mr. Caldecott has remained victorious. His beautiful daughter, Sophie, worried that her father might not live long enough to see the DVD/Blu-ray release of Captain America: Winter Soldier has begun as usual and, as it turns out, very effective hashtag, twitter campaign, #CapforStrat, calling upon all Marvel actors to post pictures of themselves supporting the great Christian Humanist’s struggle for life.

Amazingly, Mr. Caldecott who has worked so hard for all of his life to promote what is the best in each of us finds himself surrounded by the immense love of the comic world. If nothing else, it proves that Mr. Caldecott’s lifelong love of comics as a great source of heroism and virtue was correct and good from the beginning.

We at The Imaginative Conservative wish Marvel the best of thanks, Sophie the greatest of appreciation, and Stratford the greatest of fortitude and of hope.

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