england euThose who have been watching the orchestrated campaign by the forces of globalism to browbeat the British people into submission in the buildup to the impending referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union could be forgiven for believing in a full-blown globalist conspiracy.The manner in which the big guns of the globalist empire have been turned on the UK is alarming not only in its intensity but in the manner in which it appears to have been carefully planned to put the fear of hell into the British people. In one wave of attack after another, the major players on the world stage have lined up to pour scorn on the sheer chutzpah of the British people in seeking self-determination, and for daring to desire the restoration of national sovereignty and for freedom from the political monstrosity that the European Union has become.

First, there was the joint statement by the finance ministers of the G20 superpowers warning of grave repercussions should the British people withdraw from the European Union. Then, we had the less than edifying vision of Barack Obama administering threats that Britain would be punished by the United States should she leave the EU, a threat which was hastily seconded by Hilary Clinton. The forces of international finance were then brought into play with the International Monetary Fund warning that British exit from the Eurozone might lead to global economic meltdown. The IMF’s mantra was duly and dutifully taken up by a host of economic “experts,” who all warned of dire economic circumstances should Britain break free from its subservience to Brussels. More recently, in a move clearly designed to spread panic among Britain’s homeowners, leading economists predicted a catastrophic collapse in real estate prices, warning of an average drop of 20% in the value of homes if the British voted to leave the EU.

obama euThe way in which the powerbrokers of globalism and their time-serving courtiers have sung in chorus, dancing to the same alarmist tune, suggests that the campaign has been carefully choreographed, with one doom-laden forecast following inexorably after another in a regular rhythm akin to the dropping of one apocalyptic bombshell after another. The message is clear and utterly unmistakable: Dare to leave the protective arms of the European Union and you will die!

Needless to say, there is no effort to try to woo the British people into actually liking the European Union, any more than there would be any point in trying to get them to love Orwell’s Big Brother. The British people know a tyrant when they see one. This was why the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), a completely independent political force, unconnected to the corrupt political establishment, shocked everyone when it won a clear majority in the European Elections in 2014, forcing the Conservatives, albeit very reluctantly, to promise a referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU should they be elected. Many saw this promise by David Cameron’s Conservatives as nothing but a cynical ploy to steal UKIP’s thunder and to get the euro-sceptic electorate to vote for them. Having succeeded in this ploy, cynical or otherwise, Mr. Cameron has done everything in his power to cajole and threaten the British people to use their votes in the forthcoming referendum to remain shackled to Brussels.

united kingdomNo, the big guns of globalism are all too aware that they cannot get the British people to love the European monster. There has been no effort whatsoever to defend the European Union as something good or benign in itself. To do so would be utterly ridiculous and therefore electorally ineffective. Instead the campaign has been concentrated on fear of what awaits the United Kingdom were she to set sail on her own. The future is unknown. It is uncertain. It is frightening. Yes, the British people are being told, the European Union is not perfect but it’s all we have. There is no future without it. Embrace the devil you know. Cozy up to it. Why go fearfully into the frightful dark, when you can stay in the drab and dreary shadows? Better to live as minions and slaves and receive your portion of bread and circuses than to venture forth into the great unknown. Freedom is not free, the British people are being told, and the price of it is much higher than the price that they might want to pay for it. Freedom is overpriced!

It’s sad to say that this cynical strategy is likely to succeed. In a world in which virtue and valour, and the love of freedom, are in such short supply it is unlikely that England will prove to be the St. George necessary to slay the Euro-Dragon. To defy the doomsayers and to deny the gloom-mongers takes a courage that I fear that the British people do not have. They will not call the bluff of the globalist propagandists and “experts,” but will dutifully vote to remain in chains, returning to their leash, tails between their legs, when the referendum calls them to heel.

Oddly enough, I am not too alarmed at the prospect. If the British people vote to remain on the ship of fools, to switch metaphors, governed by its parliament of fools, lacking the courage to take to the lifeboats, they will look all the more silly when braver peoples, such as the Poles and the Hungarians, jump ship.

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