(Washington, DC)—This morning, as the seven Democratic House impeachment managers solemnly walked through the United States Capitol building on their way to the Senate to deliver the articles of impeachment against Donald Trump, they soon got lost.

“I think it is this way,” Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff said to Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler, as Rep. Nadler hiked his pants up for the nineteenth time on the trip.  “Wait, there’s Senator Booker!” shouted Mr. Schiff. “We must be in the right place!”

“Uh no, that’s Hakeem Jeffries, and he’s with our group,” Mr. Nadler corrected. “Where’s Nancy with those neat impeachment pens by the way? I gotta get a few for my grandkids.”

The group was last seen looking for help from a new security guard, who apparently had previously worked at one of the Smithsonian museums.

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